Thursday, September 23, 2010

i am loving it

I am so serious about it......i mean it's so cute. I look at him....he's looking at me too [blush] he's so cute. He smiles at me and i start stammering. He leaves me breathless. I can't stand next to him for more than few mins. Because it's not possible to breathe when this guy next to you is taking your breath away. I used to feel that no god damn guy can make me feel like this. But this eight grader is way too capable of breaking this stone by just one glaring look. His wavy black hair, brown eyes and the cool attitude makes my heart beg for one more glance......i peep through the door and once again do the same thing as long as no one notices.....
The funny part is the he doesnt know that i like him.....i am so afraid to open my mouth in front of him. Besides how much ever big my mouth can grow, it feels empty and closed when i see him smiling at his buddy's jokes. He's the coolest guy in our class and the most handsome one too. I wish i could just pick up some courage and stop him and say him that 'I AM CRAZY ABOUT HIM' and wanna date him. Oh! seems so far over my reach.....i am wishing for somebody who can ease my trouble and go on and say him that i care for him and love him.......[sighs] How much i wish that someone could go and tell him that i like me!!!!!!aaarrrrggggghhh.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

At last i compleated my hard core struggle of first attempt now i am stepping up for the second and the biggest. I am going to continue blogging on my blog which reads 'Daily Life.' so personally i am going to put a basic lets put this part also as an introductory part.